Meet Jenny

Comforting people in need when they need it

Jenny is a first point of access to people who need guidance and have little or no experience with epilepsy. It creates a personalised experience to assist with information that is specific to them, and directs follow up questions to the health professional when needed.


Awareness of epilepsy is low, and the general knowledge about it might be based on misconceptions, old vocabulary and stigmas. When people would get their first contact with epilepsy, they’d often realize that seizures are not what they understood them to be. In these scenarios, it is a challenge for them to get a comforting experience that helps them through the very first hours and days of their new connection with epilepsy.

Our solution

We believe that using the educational material provided by Epilepsy Queensland and Dialogflow’s conversational service, we can create a chat experience to offer an instant helping hand to those experienceing seizures or a potential diagnosis of epilepsy. As the solution can be distributed over several platforms such as a website, Facebook page or a talking humanoid robot, we can open up the funnel and help more people connect with Epilepsy Queensland.

Say Hi to Jenny

Jenny is a chatbot that aims to assist users in discovering more about epilepsy. You can ask Jenny many things, such as what epilepsy is or what to do if you think you or a loved one has epilepsy, as well as information on particular seizure types. Give it a try on the right.

Start a conversation with `Hello`
or you can ask questions like:
  • What is epilepsy?
  • How epilepsy is diagnosed?
  • Who gets epilepsy?

Team Reachout

Sean Harrison

Sandra Arato

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